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Курс: my

  1. Present Simple and Present Continuous Tenses
  2. –ing forms and how they can be applied in English
  3. Present Perfect, the use of the tense for past events with the results at present
  4. Past Simple and Past Continuous
  5. Articles: a/an, the, no article; set expressions with and without articles
  6. Present Perfect vs Past Simple
  7. Modals: must, mustn't, have to, don't have to, needn't, can, can't
  8. Adjectives and what parts of speech can serve as adjectives. The order of multiple adjectives before a noun
  9. Comparatives and superlatives. The review of forms and spelling rules
  10. The application of some/any/no; much/many/a lot of; a little/a few; there is/are
  11. The application of all/none; most; both/neither; another; other; the other; the second
  12. Predictions with will and be going to
  13. Conditionals: Zero Conditional, the First Conditional
  14. Adverbs
  15. The Second Conditional
  16. Present Perfect for the things that started in the Past and are still true
  17. The difference in application between the Present Perfect, the Present Simple and the Past Simple
  18. The Present Simple, the Present Perfect and the Past Simple in The Passive Voice
  19. Be going to, the Present Simple and the Present Continuous used to discuss future arrangements and intentions
  20. Time clauses
  21. Question tags to ask for agreement
  22. Relative clauses with pronouns which, that, who and where
  23. Prepositions of time, place and movement. Adjectives and verbs used with fixed prepositions
  24. Reported requests and orders

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